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Willow is a UK charity who provide Special Days for seriously ill young adults from the age of 16 to 40 years old.  The Charity was founded by former Arsenal goalkeeper Bob Wilson and his wife Meg in memory of their daughter, Anna, who died of cancer at the age of 31.  I was among 10 photographer’s chosen to take part in a photographic project called “Just One Word” to mark the charity’s fulfillment of 10,000 Special Days.  Theodora is recovering from having Cancer, her Special Day was spending time and thanking the people who had helped her throughout her illness at a lunch in a local restaurant.  Each beneficiary chose a word that they found inspiring, Theodora chose Liberating, that was the closest word she felt after her experience of recovering.

TheodoraI shot a few different takes, but this was my favourite. Thanks to The Pro Centre and Rick at PaperHat.