I’m back from my trip and just editing my work, I will blog some of them through out this week.

According to Wikipedia, the Lalbagh Rock is one of the oldest rock formations on earth, dating back to 3 million years.  I loved that people would come early morning and do a range of activities from stretching, yoga, meditation or just sit or lie flat on the rock.  I can see the attraction, it felt very calming and fresh, an uplifting start to the day._DSC1886 _DSC1869 _DSC2457 _DSC2340_DSC1888_DSC1890



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  1. August 6, 2013

    Good to see photographs from Lalbagh once again. I climbed the rock with Grandpa in 1999, he was 85 years of age and had not climbed up it since he was a teenage. Bangalorian children called that rock Tipu’s look out post after the legendary warrior Tipu Sultan who fought bravely against British dominance but who was eventually killed in battle in 1799. Coincidentally the same year my GGGG grandfather arrived in South India. Hope you enjoyed Lalbagh, great place to find piece and quiet amidst todays noisy traffic in Bangalore.

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